How to Drink a Belly Shot


... Belly shots can liven up any gathering.

Belly shots, also called belly button shots and body shots, are a method for drinking. Typically the drink of choice is an alcoholic beverage. As a rule of thumb, belly shots are certainly not appropriate at a classy affair. But in a laid back environment, they can help you get acquainted with other party goers very quickly.

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Step 1

Have your subject lie down on his or her back. They should be on top of a flat, stable surface such as a table or counter rather than a couch or bed.

Step 2

Pour alcohol into the subject's navel until a small well has formed. Keep a towel on hand in case it overflows.

Step 3

Make sure the subject is relaxed. You don't want to miss out on your shot because of a laughing fit or nerves.

Step 4

Slurp up the alcohol quickly to drink the belly shot. You'll have to press your lips against the subject's navel and slurp all in one motion in order for this to happen the right way.


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