"From washing vegetables to setting the table, there are many ways your child can help with Thanksgiving dinner. See mor
"International Holiday FoodsImage Gallery Thanksgiving is just one of the five rituals featured on our list. See picture

Egg Facts

"Taking the proper precautions when handling and cooking eggs is important for avoiding illness.2007 R/F cd2Did you know
"Your Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to be bare bones just because you're on a budget. See more Thanksgiving turkey pi

Spooky Foods 101

"Halloween Candy Image Gallery These ghoulish creatures would be a sweet treat for any Halloween party. See more Hallowe
"As long as these side items weren't doused in bacon grease, they're a vegetarian's delight. See more pictures of holida
"The flying fox bat makes it on the menu in some African and Asian countries. See more pictures of mammals.Nacvit/Getty
"Fruits and protein-rich foods can help keep you away from unhealthy snacking this holiday season. See more enlightened
"A skull made of food? Nice touch! Cuppyuppycake/Getty ImagesWhen it comes to holidays, you can't beat Halloween for pur
"On average, a fruitcake weighs up to two pounds and contains dried or candied fruits as well as alcohol like rum.See mo