Green Skin Care

Companies are upping the ante when it comes to green beauty products, in both selection and quality. Now is the time to nourish your skin with toxin-free and environmentally friendly masks, restorativ
What does water have to do with skin? A ton. Your skin is full of water—30 percent water, in fact—and keeping it there can help make your complexion healthy and happy. Water content is a major factor
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If you’ve noticed the skin under your armpits has become darker over the years, you may be looking for armpit lightening
Whether you have acne prone skin or not, everyone knows how irritating blackheads can be. Blackheads are bumps that appe
While hair extensions can get a bad wrap when done poorly, they are incredibly stunning when styled properly. Commonly u
Braided ponytails are the perfect hairstyles to create as we head into fall. There’s something about braids that screams
If you struggle with redness, flushing and red bumps on your face, you may be experiencing rosacea. It often occurs on t
Having a big forehead isn’t the end of the world, but if you’re self-conscious about it, there are hairstyles you can ea
"Vaseline can be used in a variety of skin-care products.©ThinkstockIf someone told you that a miracle skin cream exists