Things You'll Need Concrete mix2-by-4-inch plankMasonry screwsWheelbarrowGarden hoeWooden screedSteel trowelSolid masonr

Soundproofing a Loft Space

Lofts can be noisy places. Image Credit: Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images A home loft is generally d

How to Build a Wood Bike Basket

Things You'll Need ¾" pine board¼" pine latticeTape measure220 grit sand paperMiter sawWood glueBrad nailer¾" brad nails
Spacing requirements determine the amount of bolts required for your project. Image Credit: Jupiterimages/Phot
Things You'll Need Installation manualLevelTape measureT-bevelSawStud finderFinishing nailerFinishing nails2-by-4-inch l

How to Cut Roof Eaves

Things You'll Need Measuring tape6d nailsChalk lineCarpenter’s levelPencilStringCircular saw Eaves are the under
You might be surprised to learn how easy it is to convert an average wall into the focal point of your room. This simple

How to Close Off a Stairwell

Install joists and flooring in the old stairwell opening. Image Credit: Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Image
Roof pitch in Massachusetts is determined by materials, not the weather. Image Credit: Jupiterimages/

How to Build a Non-Combustible Wall

Things You'll Need Cement backer boardStud finder4 inch drywall screws1-inch nonconductive ceramic spacers1-inch-high wo