"Aster comes from the Greek word for star, and aster flowers are indeed star-like: They have a sunny yellow center surro
"Riding mowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re in the market for something small, a riding mower that h
"Calathea plants are popular house plants because of their beautiful foliage and easy maintenance. Elizabeth Fernandez/
"Rain barrels like these will collect water from your roof that can be used to water your garden.Hemera/ThinkstockDid yo
"If you thought that the fall was merely a precursor to the dead winter when it comes to gardening, think again. There a
"You can plant the seed that hides inside the husk of a mango. Wikimedia CommonsMangos have been called the, "king of fr

How Moss Works

"You'll find lots of moss in lush, shady areas.Michael Hitoshi/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesYou walk down a forested path.
"Bagging autumn leaves can be a chore but there are some ways to make it easier. Herman Bresser/Getty ImagesBagging autu
"Over the years, there have been a number of technological developments in the field of irrigation. Although all irrigat
"Lavender needs a little more care than many hardier plants, but it's worth putting in that extra effort. Aside from the