"Aaron Sandilands of the Australian football team the Fremantle Dockers walks to the locker room with an injury to his r
"A teen and two men with color blindness in Mission, Kansas, try on special EnChroma glasses. The lenses allow the weare
"Holding hands can actually ease pain, helping to regulate responses to stress, while increasing trust and emotional wel
"If you have a strong desire to pee the minute you get home (or to the office), you could have urge incontinence. Peter
"A patient undergoes LASIK surgery. BSIP/UIG Via Getty ImagesIf you've ever been saddled with eyeglasses so thick that t
"Just let it fly, girl! Donna Day/The Image Bank/Getty ImagesMedical science continues to drive home the risks of holdin
"Despite what some people think, a researcher has determined that men really do have lower immune systems than women. Al
"We knew that fructose naturally occurs in things like fruit and honey, but the news that the human brain can produce it
"Drinking an entire gallon of milk in one sitting is a challenge often undertaken, infrequently accomplished. Why is tha
"Humans don't have the ability to digest grass like other mammals, including cows, sheep and goats. Elizabethsalleebauer