Monday, September 25, 2023

Pairing Wine with Savory Food

"iStockphoto |The label says "great with chicken." But is that chicken-and-leek pie, chicken vindaloo or KFC? Hmm &helli

Chardonnay Grapes

"It all begins with the grape, the most important part of wine- or champagne-making. Chardonnay white grapes are used in

Buying Wine

"iStockphoto |If you live next door to a winery, great. If you don't, where's the best place to grab a bottle or two?Whe

Wine Storage

"iStockphoto |No cellar in your fifth-floor apartment? Don't worry. Every home has a place where wine can be stored.Your

Pairing Food and Wine

"iStockphotoYou could drink a different food and wine combination every day of your life and only scratch the surface of

Pinot Noir Grapes

"iStockphoto Making Pinot Noir is easy. Making good Pinot Noir is not. But the best versions provide a sensory assault n

What Wines to Store

"iStockphoto |While most wines are enjoyable when you buy them, a little patience before pulling the cork can make for a

Fortified Wine

"iStockphoto |We're not drinking as many fortifieds as we used to. Shame, as they provide some of wine's most complex ta
"Teen hobbies create the best themes for their birthday cakes.Andrei Spirache/Getty ImagesIt’s never easy to determine w
"Sprouted grain breads allow you to absorb a lot more nutrition from your bread than you would with regular "enriched" b
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