"Though most humans do best in groups of around 150 people, those with the highest IQs break from the mold. Calaimage/Ma
"Safe to say that guy doesn't have a backup plan. DaveLongMedia/E+/Getty ImagesBackup plans, we've always been told, are
"Yum, garlic! Kimberry Wood/Diane Labombarbe/Doodle Machine/Getty ImagesAnyone who's ever enjoyed slow-roasted garlic sp
"Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho" isn't really the typical psychopath, despite the movie's title psychopaths are of
"Bad behaviors rub off on siblings, but not always directly. Universal Images Group/Getty ImagesAs if parents don't worr
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"Doctors are warning that a little-studied trend among bodybuilders who inject natural oils into their muscles requires
"Letting kids win all the time has negative effects on how they perceive important information, new research says. Katar
"What's now known as Foreign Accent Syndrome is incredibly rare. Hugh Nutt/Getty ImagesLisa Alamia had an overbite suffi