"Newborn puppies (and adult dogs) absolutely have belly buttons. They're just not quite as noticeable as those on humans
"Why do dogs love belly rubs so much? There is a specific neuron in the brains of dogs and other mammals that responds t
"(L-r) Former first dogs Bo and Sunny Obama are Portuguese Water Dogs. The Obamas chose the Portuguese Water Dog breed b
"Tick (Ixodes ricinus) female engorged after a blood meal, northeast OregonMichael Durham/Getty ImagesTicks are generall
"Cleaning up after your dog isn't just a courtesy; it can help prevent the spread of worms and worm-like parasites. iSto
"iStockphoto/alephx01A pet is defined as a domesticated animal that you keep in your home for your enjoyment, such as a
"Is your pooch too pudgy for his own good? iStockphoto/ThinkstockWe all know that carrying extra weight isn't healthy fo
"A saltwater aquarium, also known as an oceanarium, is an aquarium specifically for fish, mammals and plants that live a
"Animal detectives work to protect the well-being of animals. See more pet pictures.©iStockphoto.com/Jani BrysonThe sten
"Burrowing badgers help coyotes catch their dinners. Joe McDonald/The Image Bank/Getty ImagesMuch of the Native America