5 Decorating Tips to Bring Spring Into Your Home


Spring is in the air. Now throw open your doors and let that freshness into your space with these easy breezy spring decor tips. We guarantee that these ideas can work for any budget and are easily tailored to your own personal tastes. Ready to bid adieu to the winter blues and breathe new life into your home? Follow me!

spring themed bedding

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1. Natural Textures & Colors

When it comes to spring, organic and natural textures are the name of the game! We're talking about decorating with unfinished (or lightly finished) wood, cane, bamboo, rattan, hemp, etc. in their natural, non-dyed state. But if a brand-new rattan daybed (like the one pictured here by The Wicked Boheme on Etsy) is a bit out of reach for you, you can pick up a lovely rattan basket for holding magazines or bath linens. Also, you don't have to go into full boho mode to decorate with natural fibers. Fans of modern interiors can incorporate a few textured accents into their otherwise sleek decor.

Sunset Rattan Daybed Sofa

2. Bright Bold Bedding

Freshen up your bedroom with textiles that sing—like this gorgeous bird and floral print duvet cover from Get Bed Ready on Etsy. Also, if you select naturally-cooling fabrics made from bamboo and eucalyptus will having you feeling as spring fresh as your bed will look.

floral bedding

3. Prints Charming

And they don't have to be floral prints, either. As long as they're uplifting colors inspired by nature, your home will be screaming springtime. Aside from decorating with items made from printed textiles like cushion covers, throws, accent rugs, towels and tapestries, temporarily switch your solid-colored dinnerware to cheery printed porcelain and decking your walls with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Also, don't be afraid to mix patterns!

printed porcelain bowls and plates Opt for colorful porcelain dinnerware with fun prints Image Credit: Amazon floral wallpaper Bring the garden indoors with peel and stick wallpaper Image Credit: Etsy

4. Be More Reflective

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's the brightest tip of them all? Take a wild guess. Don't have enough windows to brighten things up in your home? Hang a mirror on an opposite or adjacent wall so that the sunlight reflects off and illuminates another area of the room. And, of course, everyone knows the old trick of using a mirror to create the illusion of more space. Plus, after you've spent all that time decorating for the season, it makes sense to hang a mirror in every room to get a view of your spring-fresh space no matter where you direct your gaze! We love this gorgeous handmade bohemian wall mirror with macrame fringe by Souctieyiommo, for example.

Handmade bohemian wall mirror with macrame fringe.

5. Go Wild! (If You Can)

Decorating with fresh cut blooms from your local florist is an obvious choice, and you should definitely do so! But to ​really​ bring the natural beauty of the season into your home, skip the professionally-arranged bouquet from the florist every so often in favor of fresh wildflowers! But a word of caution: you might NOT want to gather some on your next nature walk à la Little Red Riding Hood as doing so may be against the law and/or frowned upon. (It might disrupt the natural ecological balance where you live.) What you ​can​ do is grow them in your own yard from seed. Not only will you have a lovely, homegrown bouquet for your dining table centerpiece, you'll also attract lovely butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees into your garden.

woman arranging a bouquet of flowers in a glass vase

So, have you caught spring fever yet? Great! Whether you want some seasonal items to display whenever spring rolls around, or you've decided to embrace la primavera every day of the year, we hope we've given you enough ideas to put your own personal spin on the season.


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