Iced Candle Votives Tutorial


The holidays are the perfect time to infuse your home with the warmth of twinkling lights, roaring fires and of course, flickering candles. These easy to make iced votives add a beautiful touch of whimsy and can be used beyond the holiday season and throughout the winter.

Iced votive

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Reminiscent of the beautiful snowy outdoors, these pretty little votives bring the outdoors in.

Iced votive

Things You’ll Need

  • Glue or ModPodge

  • Faux snow, Epson salts or (course) glitter

  • Glass jars

  • Old brush

Materials needed

Step 1

Dip brush into glue and paint several organic strokes vertically from the top of the jar downward.

Brushing glue to votive

Step 2

Quickly dip the glass over the faux snow, glitter or Epson salt, shaking off any excess.

Adding faux snow to votive

Step 3

Wipe clean the rim and inside of the jar, ensuring there is no residue. Allow glue to dry completely.

Wiping rim of votive

Step 4

Place a tealight or battery tealight candle inside.

Votive completed Iced votive


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