Wine Storage


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No cellar in your fifth-floor apartment? Don’t worry. Every home has a place where wine can be stored.

Your kitchen probably contains the ingredients for several meals. A wine cellar is the liquid equivalent. It doesn’t have to hold thousands of bottles of port and claret, just enough for when you say, ‘I really a fancy a glass of …’

A wine cellar is there simply to provide you with what you want to drink when you want to drink it. Anybody with a little ingenuity can create one.

Think of a traditional cellar – cool but not freezing, dark and quiet. You may not have such a place in your abode, but you probably have somewhere where you duplicate such conditions and stash a few bottles. How about in a suitcase under the bed? Or in an old fireplace line filled with short lengths of drainpipe? What about a cupboard under the stairs, or a spare shelf in the wardrobe?

Polystyrene tiles can be used for insulation. And if all else fails, there are purpose-built (and pricey) climate-controlled cabinets designed to keep wine in ideal conditions.


Many merchants will store wine you have purchased from them until you’re ready to drink it.


Why is wine stored on its side?


To keep the cork moist and maintain a seal.


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