5 Fun Themes for Teen Birthday Cakes


Teen hobbies create the best themes for their birthday cakes.“Teen hobbies create the best themes for their birthday cakes.Andrei Spirache/Getty Images

It’s never easy to determine what will get a teen excited, but when it comes to cake it’s actually not too hard to create a fun themed cake that they are sure to love. While each of these themes can and should be customized to suit each teen’s specific interests, there is no doubt that these cakes will actually bring a rarely seen smile to their faces and get them to take a break from texting their friends, at least until they can put their forks down.


  1. Music
  2. Fashion
  3. Hollywood Movies
  4. Sports
  5. Tech Gadgets

5. Music

Whether they are playing guitar in the garage and trying to go on the road or plastering their rooms with the latest teen idol, music is a huge part of any teen’s life. Music themed cakes can be in the shape of a guitar, be decorated with drums, or feature the image of a favorite pop star. Just take a peek at their most played songs on their MP3 to determine which type of music to feature.

4. Fashion

For the teens that spend most of their free time roaming the mall or trying on endless outfit options a fashion themed cake is the perfect choice. A handbag or pair of shoes make great statement decorations for the top of the cake or represent all of their favorite shops with simple writing or a map of the mall.

3. Hollywood Movies

Being a teenager is dramatic and often involves big dreams of becoming a star or at least meeting one so a Hollywood themed cake is a great option for any teen. Whether it’s a cake resembling a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or a play on their favorite vampire movie or television show, a Hollywood themed cake is certain to make them feel like a star for the day.

2. Sports

The camaraderie of playing sports in high school or even just rooting for the same team as friends on either the local or professional level is incredibly valuable and bonding for teens. A sports themed cake featuring their favorite game or team is a great way to remind a teen just how important they are to their network of friends and teammates as well as their family.

1. Tech Gadgets

Tearing teens away from their cell phones, MP3 players, video games and computers seems nearly impossible on most days so why not celebrate their birthday with a version of these items that everyone can enjoy together? A tech gadget themed birthday cake will garner some good laughs, and there is no doubt that they will appreciate this theme. Just make sure nobody tries to hit any buttons.


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