DIY Fireplace Cover Tutorial


Fireplaces add a lovely layer of warmth and coziness to your home. However, they can also let in a cold draft and unwelcome pests from the outdoors. Seal out the cool air and critters with a chic fireplace cover that looks as if you have a perfectly stacked set of logs.

Faux stacked log fireplace cover

Things You’ll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Plywood sheet

  • 2×4

  • Wood screws

  • Power drill

  • Matte black paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Log slices, varying sizes

  • Wood glue

  • Shelf brackets

  • Circular saw (optional)

Step 1

Measure the height and width of your fireplace opening and ask your hardware store to cut a sheet of plywood to the exact dimensions. Also have them cut two pieces from a 2×4 to the same height as your fireplace opening.

Checking plywood matches size of fireplace opening


When you get home, check that the plywood fits inside your fireplace opening before proceeding. You may need to sand it down in a few places if it's too snug to slide in and out of the opening.

Step 2

Measure 2 inches in from the side of the plywood and mark the point.

Marking 2 inches in from side of plywood

Step 3

Vertically position one of the 2x4s just inside the 2-inch mark and attach it to the plywood using a power drill and screws. Similarly, attach the second 2×4 2 inches in from the other side. The 2x4s will act as "legs" to keep the plywood upright.

Positioning 2x4s vertically on plywood

Step 4

Paint the front of the plywood with a matte black paint and let dry.

Painting plywood with matte black paint

Step 5

Arrange varying sizes of log slices on the plywood until you have your desired pattern. Step back a few times as you arrange the slices to make sure it looks like a realistic stack of logs, with each one resting on the one below it.

Varying sizes of log slices Arranging log slices on plywood


I purchased pre-cut wood slices from the craft store for this project, but you'll definitely save some money if you have a circular saw and cut your own slices from branches and logs found outside.

Step 6

Once you're satisfied with the arrangement of log slices, glue each one into place with wood glue. (Caution: Don't use hot glue — it won't hold.) Keep in mind that wood glue expands as it cures, so don't put any glue near the edges, or you'll risk having it ooze out of the sides of the logs. Leave the plywood laying flat on the floor as the glue dries overnight.

Applying wood glue to log slices

Step 7

Attach a shelf bracket to the bottom of each 2×4 "leg" to add additional support to the fireplace cover, so it doesn't tip over once it's upright inside your fireplace.

Attaching shelf brackets to bottom of fireplace cover

Step 8

Gently slide the fireplace cover into the opening in your fireplace. You may need to wiggle and nudge it a bit to get it in there snugly. Any time you want to use your fireplace, simply pull the cover out of the opening and slide it to the side.

Sliding fireplace cover into fireplace


You could staple or glue black ribbon in a few discreet spots along the bottom or sides of the fireplace cover that act as pull tabs to make it easier to pull the cover out when you'd like to use your fireplace.

Stand back and marvel at how realistic the stack of "logs" look, and how much style it instantly adds to your fireplace vignette!

Faux stacked log fireplace cover


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