10 Beauty Trends That’ll Date Your Wedding Photos


If nothing else, smiling will help your wedding photos age more gracefully. Of course, convincing your husband to put away his top hat will also help. “If nothing else, smiling will help your wedding photos age more gracefully. Of course, convincing your husband to put away his top hat will also help. Topical Press Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Not all brides choose to play it safe when it comes to their wedding looks. To some, wearing a traditional white gown with natural makeup and a sleek, classic hairstyle is a bore. Your wedding is a special occasion, and you shouldn’t be afraid of doing something a little unexpected. But while you may be tempted to make a bold statement with your hair, nails and makeup, keep in mind that some of today’s trends will be out of style tomorrow. Consider your wedding photos when you select an unusual lipstick hue or choose a wild hairstyle — will you still like it on your 25th wedding anniversary? It’s fabulous to be creative and unique, but most brides prefer to go for more of a chic and classic look now to avoid dated — perhaps even embarrassing — photos later. For those of you who may want to consider whether or not today’s hottest bridal beauty trends will stand the test of time, here are 10 looks that are sure to date your wedding photos.


  1. A Trendy Manicure
  2. A Messy Hairstyle
  3. A Spray Tan
  4. False Eyelashes
  5. Black Nail Polish
  6. A Colored Streak of Hair
  7. Body Glitter
  8. Tangerine Lipstick
  9. Braided Hair
  10. Tattooed Wedding Rings

10: A Trendy Manicure

Not every bride wants to blend in with a traditional French manicure. You may be tempted to go for a modern, trendy look, such as wacky color combos, polish with glitter or any design featuring flowers, hearts or polka dots. You might feel as though modern nails will showcase your individuality and creativity, but they’ll likely date your wedding photos years from now. For a more classic look, choose a light shade of pink, or, if you have a hard time choosing a design, nix color altogether and go with a protective clear top coat instead.

Nails Fit for a Future Queen

In 2011, those excited about the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton could purchase fingernail-sized decals of the royal couple at several London souvenir shops.

9: A Messy Hairstyle

Sure, messy updos are popular with brides right now, but by your golden wedding anniversary, they’ll almost certainly be out of style. Not only are disheveled bridal hairstyles a trend, but later in life you might regret posing for a wedding portrait with hair that makes you look like you just rolled out of bed. To achieve a natural hairstyle, wear your hair as you normally would — just remember to run a comb through it! Any stylist will tell you there’s a difference between loose and messy curls, so defer to a professional for a natural, kempt ‘do that will lend a stylish longevity to your wedding pics.

Accessories for Tousled Hair

Bridal hair accessories like fascinators with flowers or feathers, pearled hair clips or a rhinestone headband can be used to keep loose strands in place.

8: A Spray Tan

It can be a challenge to make a fake tan appear natural — finding a color that goes well with your skin tone can seem impossible if you attempt the task on your own. When the wrong bronzer is applied, skin may look orange or too dark, and years later, you may look back at photos and cringe at your unnatural glow. For pics that truly stand the test of time, embrace the skin tone you were born with.

7: False Eyelashes

When you want your eyes to pop in photos, there are alternatives to false eyelashes, which will definitely date your wedding pics. Seek the advice of a makeup professional, who will suggest ways to enhance your eyes with regular makeup. Convinced you need fake eyelashes to make a splash in your wedding shots? Consider shelling out a few extra dollars for eyelash extensions administered by a professional. These lashes are the same size as your own, applied one-by-one to your lids. The process is quick and painless, and they’ll look completely natural.

Eye Makeup Tips

To make your eyes stand out, use a light powder and apply two or three coats of mascara to your lashes, letting each coat dry for a few minutes.

6: Black Nail Polish

Many brides who wear black nail polish end up regretting it.“Many brides who wear black nail polish end up regretting it.Stockbyte/Getty Images

Vampy nails are in style, but do you really want your gothic digits to be documented forever in your wedding photos? Choose another way to be creative with your accessories if you love the color, like black satin pumps. Your footwear won’t be seen in many photos, unlike your fingernails. Or, if you must go with black nail polish, paint your toenails instead — your pedicure won’t be nearly as obvious as your manicure in pictures, which is something you’ll probably be grateful for in 50 years or so.

5: A Colored Streak of Hair

Brightly colored hair and wedding photos don't mix, at least if you want your pictures to look timeless.“Brightly colored hair and wedding photos don’t mix, at least if you want your pictures to look timeless.Steven Puetzer/Photodisc/Getty Images

A big trend on the bridal runway this season is hair chalking — using soft pastel chalk to color one or more sections of hair quickly and temporarily. Not surprisingly, this striking look is also popular with many of today’s fashionista brides. However, while a dramatic hairstyle makes a statement on the runway, it’s a trend that’s unlikely to stand the test of time. For streaks of hair color that won’t date your wedding photos, make an appointment with your hairstylist and choose a natural dye to highlight your tresses.

4: Body Glitter

Keep your sparkle to your tiara, ring and any other jewelry you decide to wear on your big day.“Keep your sparkle to your tiara, ring and any other jewelry you decide to wear on your big day.LifeStock/Taxi/Getty Images

Every bride wants to sparkle on her big day, but body glitter is a trendy beauty product that’s better left at home. Not only will it date your photos, but photography experts say that glitter looks like beads of sweat in photographs. Besides, we guarantee that your groom won’t appreciate having to dust off his black tux every time the two of you embrace. To ensure you’ll have long-lasting wedding photos, leave the body glitter at home and allow your new ring to do all the sparkling.

3: Tangerine Lipstick

Brightly colored lips are all the rage with today’s brides — especially a shade of tangerine orange. The last time this shade of lipstick was popular, shoulder pads and big hair were also in — so it’s likely this trend won’t last very long. Save the tangerine lips for your bachelorette party, and for your wedding day, choose a hue that you’ll be happy with in photos. A natural shade of pink or clear gloss is sure to stand the test of time, but if you want to sport bold lips on your big day, history tells us that red is classic and won’t ever go out of style.

Celebrity Influence

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Arielle Vandenberg have worn tangerine lipstick, fueling the popularity of this trend.

2: Braided Hair

Some braided hairstyles are more classic than others.“Some braided hairstyles are more classic than others.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Many brides are choosing to wear braided hairstyles, like side braids, fishtail braids and braided updos when they say "I do." Not only are braids en vogue, but these hairstyles keep stray hairs tucked away and look neat, too. However, since braids are a current trend, you could look back at your wedding photos and wish you’d chosen a more traditional hairstyle for your big day.

1: Tattooed Wedding Rings

It could be argued that actress Pamela Anderson and rock star Tommy Lee started this trend when they made a trip to the tattoo parlor before their nuptials to get matching tattooed wedding rings. So why can’t you? Well, you can, but ring tats have become popular enough that, in the future, people will likely look at your fingers and be able to tell which decade you were married in. The classic way to tie the knot is to exchange rings, but if you must get a tattoo, consider inking your wedding date under your ring finger for a romantic gesture that won’t be captured in every photo.

Other Famous Wedding Ring Tattoos

Comedian Kathy Griffin and actor Colin Farrell chose ring tattoos over traditional wedding bands with past partners.

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