How to Recycle Mini-Kegs


... Drinking draft beer at home cuts down on waste.

For environmentally conscious beer drinkers, mini-kegs have several advantages over individual bottles or cans. They result in much less waste, with one larger container replacing 20 or more smaller containers; there is no need for a cardboard box or plastic rings; and mini-kegs save space, so manufacturers can transport more beer using less gasoline. Mini-kegs are also recyclable, so dispose of them for recycling whenever possible.

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Step 1

Inspect the keg for recycling information. Most mini-kegs are made of aluminum or steel and will be marked as such. Plastic mini-kegs should have a number inside a recycling symbol — most likely "1."

Step 2

Check your local recycling program's rules for your mini-keg's material online by searching "[your city or state] recycling," or go to the website for the recycling company you use. Most recycling programs accept aluminum and several types of plastic; some accept steel.

Step 3

Call your city or state's recycling program or solid waste authority if you're still unsure about whether you can put the mini-keg in the recycling bin for pickup or whether it can be left at a drop-off location.

Step 4

Dispose of the keg as directed for your locality, which will likely be in your metal recycling bin. If your local program picks up mixed loads of recyclables, you might not even need to remove the hose.


Before you recycle mini-kegs, make sure they are not refillable. If they are, return them to the place of purchase instead of recycling.

You might be able to sell your mini-kegs as scrap metal if they're made of aluminum or steel.

You do not need to remove the CO2 cartridge or otherwise disassemble the keg itself, just as you don't have to disassemble an aerosol can to recycle it.


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