Easiest Way to Clean Wood Blinds


Whether you're tackling your yearly spring cleaning to-do list or are addressing weekly household chores, if you have wood blinds you may notice something: dust collects there! Trust us — this is the case for everyone who has either real or faux wood blinds. (No judgment!) So, it's important to clean them in order to keep your blinds looking, well, blindingly beautiful. Luckily, we've figured out a simple hassle-free hack that will help you wipe them free of dirt and dust, easily.


Real or faux? That’s the question. Faux wood blinds are ideal for rooms that get humid, like the kitchen or bathroom, since the wood-like material is moisture-, scratch- and sun-resistant. Real wood blinds add natural warmth and beauty that’s perfect for a bedroom or family room. Plus, real wood shades are lighter than faux wood so they’re a good choice for larger windows.

Things You’ll Need

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

  • Kitchen tongs

  • 2 rubber bands or hair ties

  • Scissors

How to Make the Cleaning Cloths

how to clean wood blinds

Step 1: Cut a microfiber cloth in half.

how to clean wood blinds

Step 2: Wrap each tong with 1/2 of the microfiber cloth.

how to clean wood blinds how to clean wood blinds

Step 3: Secure the cloth with a rubber band or hair tie.

how to clean wood blinds

Now you are ready to clean your wood blinds!

How to Clean Your Blinds

how to clean wood blinds

Place the open tongs in between each blind slat and move from one end to the other while squeezing them closed.

how to clean wood blinds

The microfiber cloths will pick up any dust and debris from the blinds with ease. If any dirt is left behind, spray your microfiber cloths with a little furniture polish, then wipe the blinds again. You can turn the microfiber cloths during the cleaning process if they get too dusty and dirty.

Once you are finished cleaning your blinds, just toss the microfiber cloths into the wash so you can reuse them for future cleaning.


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