20 Everyday Items That Are Actually Crawling with Germs


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20 Things You Should Clean ASAP

It’s perfectly logical to clean things once you notice that they’re dirty. But germs and bacteria are invisible, after all, which means much of the nastiness we encounter on a regular basis goes virtually undetected, while at the same time spreading viruses (or worse). Things like phones, wooden cutting boards, and even washing machines need our special care and attention more often than you might think. These household items are handled often, yet we don’t necessarily think about cleaning them. Until now.

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Remote Control

Chances are good that your remote control has about as many germs as there are channels. Here’s how to clean your remote control, so you can get back to binging with peace of mind.

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Steering Wheel

What gets more neglected in car maintenance than the steering wheel, you ask? Not a whole lot. Get that grime off your steering wheel with ease (and natural products, of course).

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This one almost goes without saying: your smartphone and/or tablet is absolutely covered with germs and bacteria. Best to give it a proper clean at least a few times a week–here’s how.

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Don’t you dare catch a real-life virus from your computer’s keyboard. Give it a good scrub down instead, using products that won’t damage the merchandise.

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Pet Food Bowl

Do your pet a solid by routinely washing and disinfecting their food and water bowls. Bacteria could easily be lurking and possibly make your furry friends sick.

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Cutting Board

Wooden cutting board maintenance means you should wash it after each use, and let it dry completely before putting it away. But when it has gotten a little too funky, maintain its natural beauty with one of our gentle deep-cleaning methods.

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Washing Machine

Your washing machine might seem clean, but the truth is that moisture, mildew and all the dirt coming off of our clothes in the wash can find their way into its nooks and crannies. Best to deep clean your washing machine every few months to keep things running smoothly.

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Faucet Handles

There’s really no point in washing your hands if your faucet handle is covered in germs and who knows what else. Don’t neglect these over-used, under-cleaned workhorses in both the bathroom and kitchen.

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Just sit back and reflect on all of the places (and surfaces) your leather purse has been on in the past 48-hours, and then think about bringing all of those germs into your personal space–No, thank you! Clean it regularly and it’ll last longer, too.

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Kitchen Sponge

If your sponge gets used all day, all over the kitchen, the chances are high that it has picked up a ton of bacteria and viruses along with the spills and splatters. Zap away all the bacteria with ease thanks to our simple trick.

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Shoes and slippers may spend most of their time out of sight and out of mind, but it might be about time to think about giving them a deep-clean in the washing machine.

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Earphones end up in our pockets, purses, cars and, of course, our ears, which means they also can be a haven for earwax. Give them a good cleaning at least once a week.

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Carpet and Rugs

While real sheepskin can usually be tossed in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning, faux sheepskin rugs require a bit more elbow grease. Follow these simple steps to get your faux fur rug clean and back to its original glory.

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Doorknobs, especially in the most used rooms and your front entrance, should be cleaned on a regular basis, and more often than not they fly under the radar during regular cleaning sessions. Disinfect your doorknob at least once per week.

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The inside of a refrigerator can easily become a massive petri dish for stains, odors and, in some cases, unidentifiable sticky material from the ghosts of dinners past. But what should you use to clean the surface that lives so close to all of your perishables? We got you.

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It might shock you to know that something as cold as ice can harbor germs and bacteria, but that’s exactly the terrifying world we live in. Stay woke.

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Pillows should really be washed at least every three months to rid them of nasty body elements like skin cells, moisture and oils. Oh, and don’t forget about the dust mites. Here’s how to do clean pillows, naturally.

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Soap Dispenser

Little did you know, the thing that’s dispensing your soap is also dispensing your doom. Give it a good, anti-bacterial wipe down during regular cleaning sessions and beyond.

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Light Switches

All those fingers that handle the light switches in your home on a regular basis will inevitably leave the switch looking and feeling super dirty. Clean your light switches as much as possible so they don’t pass germs from one person to the next.

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Reusable Shopping Bags

Newsflash: You could be bringing home much more than groceries with help from your reusable shopping bags. Eliminate germs completely from these overlooked, frequently used items by washing them with your disinfectant of choice in extra-hot water.

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